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Dynamic Mobility Warm-up:
5x Shoulder width – Neutral Grip +
5x Neutral Grip Finger Press-ups +
5x Wide grip Pull-up +
5x Diver Bombers +
5 each side x Side to side Pull-ups +
5 each side x Wide Grip Side to Side Press-ups +
5x Chin-ups +
5x Planche Press-ups (with fingers pointing toward to the feet) +
5x Narrow grip Pull-ups +
5x Close Grip Clap Press-ups +
5x Towel/Gi pull-ups +
5x Hindu Push-ups +
5x L-sit pull-ups +
30 seconds x Press-up Hold
Complete as many rounds as you want within the time frame that you have. Rest as and when.
Cool down and Stretch out

Martin Rooney, Leeds Strength and Conditioning, Pull-ups, Push-ups, Press-ups, Martial Arts, Army Push-ups

Martin Rooney Push-up. Training for Warrior

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