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Music has a great impact on our workout. Research has proven that. British researchers did a test a few years back with 12 cyclists. The following is an abstract from the research paper: 
In an in vivo laboratory controlled study, 12 healthy male students cycled at self-chosen work-rates while listening to a program of six popular music tracks of different tempi. The program lasted about 25 min and was performed on three occasions–unknown to the participants, its tempo was normal, increased by 10% or decreased by 10%. Work done, distance covered and cadence were measured at the end of each track, as were heart rate and subjective measures of exertion, thermal comfort and how much the music was liked. Speeding up the music program increased distance covered/unit time, power and pedal cadence by 2.1%, 3.5% and 0.7%, respectively; slowing the program produced falls of 3.8%, 9.8% and 5.9%. Average heart rate changes were +0.1% (faster program) and -2.2% (slower program). Perceived exertion and how much the music was liked increased (faster program) by 2.4% and 1.3%, respectively, and decreased (slower program) by 3.6% and 35.4%. That is, healthy individuals performing submaximal exercise not only worked harder with faster music but also chose to do so and enjoyed the music more when it was played at a faster tempo. Implications of these findings for improving training regimens are discussed.”
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Here is our current top 15 tracks but in no particular order:

So What – Micall Parknsun

Choose Life – PF Project featuring Ewan McGregor

Party in the Morgue – Thee Undatakerz

Come with Me – Puff Daddy (or PDiddy or what ever it is – this this is a great track) featuring Jimmy Page

Wake Up – Rage Against the Machine

I against I – Mos Def and Massive Attack

Lose Yourself – Eminem

Weapons of Mass Distortion – The Crystal Method

Give it Away – Red Hot Chilli Pepper

Right Here Right Now – Ice Cube and Paul Okenfold

I Run Shit – DMX

Audio Slave – Cochise

Witness – Roots Manuva

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