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Saturday 6-2-2010

Saturday 6-2-2010

The Deck of Cards – There’s a million different names and versions of this “game”. If you do it right it’s anything BUT a game. Here’s how I play…step up to the table. Get yourself a deck of shuffled cards. Very simple…black equals pushups…red equals squats. Face cards are worth 10, the Ace is 1, and all other cards are face value. Turn over a card….it’s the 9 of spades….do 9 pushups. Immediately turn over the next card….it’s the Queen of diamonds…do 10 squats. Keep going until you finish the deck. Do whatever exercises you feel like…but just pick an “upper” and “lower” body movement. I like Press-ups and Squats due to simplicity. By my math, you end up doing 170 pushups, and 170 squats…340 movements in all. The goal is to finish the deck in 12 to 15 minutes. I know some sadists who keep the jokers in the deck, and assign a value of 50 to them!!! Nowadays, when I play I keep the jokers out but give the face cards a value of fifteen. This ups the ante to 200 pushups and squats…400 total movements. Again, sounds dumb, but I absolutely love doing this. It’s a new workout everytime…unless you don’t shuffle the deck…duh! That’s just a few that I’ve used over the years, and I continue to use them to this day.

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