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Dynamic Warm-up
Followed by:
Light Jog
50m Straight-Leg Shuffles +
50m Low Shuffles +
50m High Knees +
50m Butt-Kicks +
50m Skip for Height +
50m High Front Kick Walking Lunges
Repeat 3 times
3 sets of the each of the following drills –
Drill 1:
10x High Knees +
100m Sprint
Drill 2:
10x Butt Kick +
100m Sprint
Drill 3:
10x Skip for Heights +
100m Sprint
Drill 4:
10x Walking Lunges +
100m Sprint
Drill 5:
Partner Resisted Start +
70m Sprint
Drill 6:
Falling Start to 100m Sprint
Drill 7:
Space various cones 50 meters apart. Vary running intensity between cones, eg., run in 1st gear (jog pace) between cones 1 – 2, then accelerate to 3rd gear (half-speed). Then second set start 3rd gear (half-speed) to transition to 4th gear (three-quater speed). Third set 3rd gear (half-speed) to fist cone then 5th gear (full-speed) to second cone.
2 sets of Sprint + Jog along 800m. Set markers using cones or use trees
Cool down and Strecth
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