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“Slowness is the mother of all good movement. Slowness is the mother of speed because slow movement allows you to be mentally serene, dynamically smooth, intrinsically strong, & interactively safe. Even in an art like swordsmanship (where most fixate on speed), slow training allows you to observe strategy with suppleness & subtlety, giving you a pathway to learning supremacy.” Mark Cheng

Mobility Warm-up
20x DB/KB Single Legged Straight Leg Deadlift (10 each leg) +
10x DB/KB Single Arm Floor Chest Press (5 each arm) +
10x Get-ups (5 each side) +
10x KB Crush Press-ups or Diamond Press-ups +
10x DB/KB Windmills (5 each side) +
20x DB/KB Swings
3-5 rounds. Rest as and when required but keep it minimal.
Cool down and SMR Work

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