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“I can adapt and still perform well. I can perform well with a brief warm-up or even a poor warm-up, whether we are up or down, on target or slightly off target. I can perform well with announcements or other distractions going on right in the middle of my performance or mission. I’m in control here. I have my skills. All I have to do is focus on doing them.” In Pursuit of Excellence

4×12 Split Squats (6 each side) +
3×24 Box Jumps
3×12 Single Leg Straight Legged Deadlift +
3×24 Death Jumps
3×12 Single Arm Dumbbell Swiss Ball Chest Press +
3×12 Clap Press-ups
3xFaliure Chin-Ups
Cool down and Stretch

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Valentine Rawat
Personal Trainer · S&C Coach · Official Trainer to Sky1 Obese A Year to Save My Life & SkyLiving FAT: The Fight of My Life I'm a father and a husband, and my girls are my inspiration to be better, do better & continually help others achieve better of themselves.

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