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Many people try to cover up their problems by spending money on things they really do not need. Most of these purchases are derived from the best marketing. Yes, marketing, it works. Advertisers and marketers know your problems, your hot spots, the things that get you emotional, the things that get the money out of your pocket and into theirs. We buy things emotionally, not rationally, for the most part. Things like Lamborghini’s, when a Dodge gets the job done.


Things like exotic foreign pets when a puppy from the local SPCA needs you more and will probably be more loyal. Things like pills, liquids, and lotions to make your arms, chest and dick bigger and harder, when hard work is free, but not as easy. These are all things that every guy wants in order to feel better about himself, because he will be looked at differently from the people whom he wants to impress.

Let’s look at the supplement industry, for example, since I get asked about this frequently. Advertisements make you feel like an explosion will occur the instant you pop open your new bucket of SLACKED HD!!  Trust me, no explosion. There is not enough caffeine or steroids in the world to replace the feeling I get in the instant when I mentally prepare myself for a big lift. At that moment I feel like I have 1.21 giga watts running through my body!
I am well aware of the benefits you might get while on certain supplements, some are good, some aren’t, but I am more concerned with what you, alone, are capable of doing, not what you are capable of doing while you are “on”.  There is a reason why certain performances have an asterisk next to them in the record books.
A lot of people think that if they miss a meal or lost some sleep they can help invigorate their spirits and energy by taking some shit in a can. Well, you might


get jacked up and focused temporarily, hit the gym, and count your praises for that “pick me up” you had, like a crack fix from your local corner dealer. Here’s the real deal, I am calling you a punk ass bitch. Offended? Fuck you. I don’t give a fuck what you do. Do what makes you happy. But I will get my shit done whether I feel good, bad, tired, lonely, depressed, sick, fired up, or whatever, because I know this shit needs to get done. I do not
have to be excited about everything I am doing or need to do. I just have to have the discipline to do it. If you can only accomplish great things while you are feeling great, then don’t fucking bother. Millions of people around the world are working hard in a miserable environment, right this second they are fighting for their lives while you are sitting in a comfortable chair reading this rant on your laptop. What are you capable of when you’re feeling a little shitty? What’s the difference between your best and your worst efforts? Can I rely on you when you’re tired, sick, depleted, scared, scarred, bruised, bloody, battled and weathered? Or do you only have what it takes when you are fresh, slept well, had breakfast in bed and all your powdered boosters served up to you in a delicious morning cocktail?

Article by: Matt Wichlinski owner and strength coach of The Strength Shop in Virginia Beach.

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