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Body Weight Conditioning

“Winning starts when you are ready to win.” Rawfit Dynamic Warm-up Then: Ring Pull-up + 6-Point Burpees + Jumping Lunges 4 rounds 60 seconds per exercise…

Valentine Rawat 08/11/2010

Tabata Monday 26-7-2010

Lets start the week with a bang. One of the toughest protocol is TABATA. MORNING SESSION Mobility Warm-up Then: 15x Hills Sprints Then: Cool down EVENING SESSION…

Valentine Rawat 26/07/2010

Combat Athlete Cardio Friday 25-6-2010

Combat Athlete Cardio – Heart & Lung Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Then: 10x Hill/Steps Sprints Then: 3×10 = 1x Press-up + 1x Burpees + 1x Jumping Lunges…

Valentine Rawat 26/06/2010