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Team Work Hill Sprint Session

Remember there is not “I” in “Team”. We go as a unit and come out stronger as a UNIT. Light Jog + Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Then: TM 1: 1x…

Valentine Rawat 30/05/2011

Saturday 21-11-09

Saturday 21-11-09 Sprint Training… Choose a Flat ground or Hill Sprints or Steps… Objective: to improve maximum speed Suitable for: sprinters and all…

Valentine Rawat 21/11/2009

Friday WOD 23-10-09

Friday WOD 23-10-09 Dynamic Warm-up Then: 10 x Sprints 80 Steps at Roundhay Park Then: Cool down and Stretch

Valentine Rawat 24/10/2009

Wednesday WOD 7-10-09

Wednesday WOD Dynamic Mobility Warmup Then: 30 x KB Swing + 15 x KB Clean and Press Left + 15 x KB Clean and Press Right + 1 x Block Sprint (find a area to run/sprint,…

Valentine Rawat 07/10/2009