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Its all in the sate of mind

As time goes by I have realised that winning is much more than a physical thing. Its all in the sate of mind. Yes it is true that one may have better genes and a…

Valentine Rawat 02/10/2012

Weekly dose of Inspiration

If there was ever a true warrior here he is. Bernard Hopkins does not know the meaning of giving up, despite being told to hang up his gloves, he went out at the…

Valentine Rawat 29/05/2011

Mike Tyson

“I’m a Man. I lived it and I’m not afraid to Die, but when I Die I’m going to paradise. I’m not worried.” “Without discipline,…

Valentine Rawat 15/02/2011

Thursday 26-11-09

Thursday 26-11-09 Interval Circuit Training Warm-up Then: Kettlebell Swings + Kettlebell Push Press (uneven weight 20kg and 24kg) Rope Undulation + Resistance Band…

Valentine Rawat 27/11/2009