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Barbell Strength Work

Dynamic Warm-up Then: Work up to Deadlift 2RM Then: Finisher – 2000m Row for Time Then: Cool down It does not have to complicated to be effective. Simple does…

Valentine Rawat 05/01/2012

Strength Endurance Friday 9-7-2010

Strength Endurance Dynamic Warm-up Then: 5x Burpees + 15 meters Bear Crawls + 50 meters Sprints + Jog back to recover 5 Rounds Then: 30 seconds Press-up + 30 seconds…

Valentine Rawat 09/07/2010

Strength Training Tuesday 25-5-2010

Strength Training Dynamic Warm-up Then: 3×10 Light Deadlift 5×5 Moderate to Heavy Deadlift Then: Kettlebells or Dumbbells Complex 5×5 of Squat Thrusters…

Valentine Rawat 25/05/2010

Saturday WOD 7-10-09

Saturday WOD 7-10-09 Dynamic Warm-up (goes without saying) Then: Squat + Ring Pull-ups 1st round 60 seconds 2nd round 45 seconds 3rd round 30 seconds 4th round 15…

Valentine Rawat 08/11/2009