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Fat Burn Cardio WORKOUT

Over the last few months I have had the pleasure of getting up at 3.30/4am every weekday then to travel to a client for an hour and train her for 2 hours each day…

Valentine Rawat 03/08/2012

High Octane Kettlebell Session - AfterBurn

Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Then: 3 rounds 60 seconds per exercise, 30 seconds rest Double Handed Swings + 6 point Burpees Then: 3 rounds 60 seconds per exercise, 30…

Valentine Rawat 21/09/2011

Kettlebell Bodyweight Circuit Workout

“Above all be patient.” Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Then: 50x Swings + 25x Jumping Jacks + 60 seconds REST + 50x Goblet Squats + 25x Quad Press+ 60 seconds…

Valentine Rawat 23/02/2011