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Best Bodyweight Workout

Best Bodyweight Workout

SMR + Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Then: Jump Rope for 3mins 60x Jump Squat 30x Press-ups 60x Crunches 30x Back Extensions Shake yourself loose and the repeat as many…

Valentine Rawat 18/09/2012
Deck of Cards Mayhem

Deck of Cards Mayhem

“I don’t look for “greatness”. I seek greatness. And it is available to each one of us.” Coach Wooden Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Then:…

Valentine Rawat 21/11/2011

Manic Monday's

Dynamic Warm-up Then: Quad Press + Basic Spinal Rock + Table Top + Plank Push Knee 4 rounds 60 seconds per exercise. 60 seconds rest in between rounds. Then: Quad…

Valentine Rawat 25/01/2011

HIIT METCON Training Monday 13th September 2010

Dynamic Warm-up Then: Press-ups + Plank + Mountain Climbers + Squats + Boot Strappers + Pike Press-ups+ Sprinters Lunges + Dead Cockroach + Rest Complete 3 rounds…

Valentine Rawat 14/09/2010

Bodyweight Interval Training Monday 6th September 2010

“The Warrior is a dying breed. My Definition of a Warrior is not just one who is face with struggle, but also one who overcomes and conquers his obstacles…

Valentine Rawat 06/09/2010

Kettlebell & Body Weight Complex Tuesday 24-8-2010

“If your body impersonates an attitude long enough, then the mind begins to adopt it.” H.A. Dorfman Kettlebell Complex – If you are short of time…

Valentine Rawat 24/08/2010