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Sprints + Integrated Animal Flow Drills

Today’s group personal training session targets all the neglected areas of Strength Training. Who is this workout for? Well almost all Combat based Athletes…

Valentine Rawat 29/09/2011

Hill Sprints Interval Training

Dynamic Warm-up Then: 3×5 minutes round 10x Press-ups 1x Hill Sprint 10x Burpees 1x Hill Sprint 10x High Knees (10 each side) Rest/Recover during each round…

Valentine Rawat 08/09/2011

Interval Training

Warm-up with 15 minute easy Row Then: 8x Tabata Row 20-sec Work 10-sec Rest (During work period work under 1:50/500m) Then: 500m Row 10x Pull-ups 20x Press-ups 30x…

Valentine Rawat 17/08/2011

Bodyweight Interval Training Monday 6th September 2010

“The Warrior is a dying breed. My Definition of a Warrior is not just one who is face with struggle, but also one who overcomes and conquers his obstacles…

Valentine Rawat 06/09/2010