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IWT - Interval Weight Training for Athletes

“Short-term intense interval training is highly effective in altering the ratio of lean body mass to fat without compromising muscle mass.” Pat O’Shea…

Valentine Rawat 16/09/2011

Interval Training

“Life is full of pain. Pain is full of power. And struggle makes you stronger, That’s why struggle’s not for cowards.” Yonas Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Then:…

Valentine Rawat 11/11/2010

Interval Weight Training Thursday 2nd September 2010

Interval Weight Training, IWT for short devised by Pat O’Shea in 1969. His books worth getting Scientific Principles and Methods of Strength Fitness and Quantum…

Valentine Rawat 02/09/2010

Interval Weight Training Sunday 22-8-2010

Interval Weight Training Session Dynamic Warm-up Then: 5x BB Hang Cleans + 5x Push Press 70% max + 2 minutes Sprint 15 seconds + Run 15 seconds (15sec Hard/15sec…

Valentine Rawat 22/08/2010

Interval Weight Training Wednesday 2-6-2010

Interval Weight Training – with Rawfit group session Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Then: 45 seconds KB Snatch per arm – aim for 12 reps per arm + 3 minutes…

Valentine Rawat 03/06/2010