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Kettlebell Explosive Workout

This is fast, explosive workout. Move fast but keep your form 100%. Dynamic Warm-up + Kettlebell Warm-up Then: Double handed Kettlebell Swings + Mountain…

Valentine Rawat 30/11/2011

Kettlebell Metabolic Conditioning Session

Solo Kettlebell Metabolic Conditioning: Dynamic Warm-up Then: Kettlebell work 10x Single arm Swing Left + 10x Cleans Left + 10x Military Press Left + 10x Overhead…

Valentine Rawat 26/10/2011

Group Kettlebell Session

Mobility Drills Kettlebell Warm-up Then: Group A: 30secs x each arm KB Dead Clean + 30secs x each arm KB Dead Snatch + 30secs x KB Hack Squat + 30secs x KB Lunge…

Valentine Rawat 28/09/2011

Group Kettlebell MetCon Training Session

Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Then: 3 rounds 60 seconds per exercise, 15/30 seconds rest Double Handed Swings 6 point Burpees Then: 3 rounds 60 seconds per exercise,…

Valentine Rawat 07/09/2011

Wednesday Group MetCon

Kettbelell Metabolic Conditioning Total Body Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Then: Team A: 20x Single Arm Bent-Over Row (10 on each side) + 10x Upright row + 10x Goblet…

Valentine Rawat 31/08/2011

Kettlebell Meltdown Session

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is…

Valentine Rawat 10/08/2011

Champions Conditioning Workout

CHAMPIONS ARE MADE, they aren’t born. Wake up look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself how badly do you want it. Visualise your self and then start…

Valentine Rawat 30/03/2011

Tag Team Workout

JOHN WOODEN greatest basketball coach of all time said the following: “I was raised on a small farm in southern Indiana and Dad tried to teach me and my brothers…

Valentine Rawat 16/03/2011