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Kettlebell Strength and Power Endurance Workout

Upperbody Dynamic Warm-up Upper Body Warm-up Squats Criss Cross/X Jumping Jacks Seal jumps Jumping Jacks Arm Circling Band Dislocation Internal Rotation Stretch…

Valentine Rawat 28/05/2011

Monday 23-11-09

Monday 23-11-09 Kettlebell Complex and Functional Core Workout Warm-up: Kettlebell Swing Then: 20 x Kettlebell Push-up to L-Hold + 20 x Bastards to KB Clean and…

Valentine Rawat 23/11/2009

Thursday 12-11-09

Thursday 12-11-09 Why Kettlebells? RAWFIT KETTLEBELLS The main difference between Kettlebells and other free weights, i.e., barbells and dumbbells, is that the weight…

Valentine Rawat 12/11/2009

Tuesday WOD 27-10-09

Tuesday Workout of the day 27-10-09 Dynamic warm up Then: 5-5-5 Kettlebell complex (5 prong attack) one arm a 5 exercises 5 reps 5 rounds of: Left Swing + Left Cleans…

Valentine Rawat 28/10/2009

Wednesday WOD 21-1-09

Wednesday WOD 21-1-09 20 miles Bike Ride Then: Band Split Romanian Deadlift Band Bent Over Row Band High Pull Band Hammer Curls Band Squat and Over Head Press KB…

Valentine Rawat 21/10/2009

Tuesday War on Kettlebells 20-10-09

Tuesday War on Kettlebells 20-10-09 Warm up as usual Then: 5 prong attack is 5 Kettlebell exercises 10 reps per arm 5 rounds Left arm – Swing + Cleans + Press…

Valentine Rawat 21/10/2009