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Power Endurance Tuesday 5th October 2010

Morning/Afternoon session Dynamic Warm-up Then: 5x50m Hill 60 Sprints (Quick Backward sprints then twists to forward sprints) Then: Rings Face Pull Rows + Ring Press-ups…

Valentine Rawat 06/10/2010

Power Endurance Friday 28-5-2010

Power Endurance Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Then: 3 rounds of: 10x Overhead Squats + 10x Overhead Walking Lunges + 10x Jumping Lunges Then: 5 rounds of: 10x Deadlift…

Valentine Rawat 30/05/2010

Power Endurance Friday 21-5-2010

Power Endurance Dynamic Warm-up Then: 5×5 Barbell Deadlift @ 80%max 5×5 Barbells Cleans & Press @ 60%max 3×10 Overhead Squats 50kg Then: Rope…

Valentine Rawat 21/05/2010

Power Endurance Thursday 13-5-2010

Power Endurance Thursday 13-5-2010 Dynamic Warm up Then: Sprint 400m (or around the block) + 50 back extension+ 15 Pull-ups + Repeat as many for 15 minutes Then:…

Valentine Rawat 14/05/2010

Power Endurance Friday 7-5-2010

Power Endurance Dynamic Warm Up Then: 30x 2x24kg Kettlebells Jerks (rest taken in the rack position) Then: 200m Row (500/1.50)+ 10x Pull-up + 300m Row (500/1.50)+…

Valentine Rawat 14/05/2010

Thursday Power Endurance 21-1-2010

Thursday 21-1-2010 Power Endurance is the challenge of the day. Warm up with: Row 1000m Then: Row 500m under at the average pace of 1:50/500m + 10x KB/Dumbbell Thrusters…

Valentine Rawat 21/01/2010

Thursday Power Endurance 14-1-2010

Thursday 14-1-2010 Power Endurance Warm Up Then: 30 Push Press (2x16kg kettlebells – rest can be taken overhead position or elbows on the iliac crest) Then:…

Valentine Rawat 14/01/2010

Thursday Power Endurance 17-12-09

Thursday 17-12-09 Strength Training Warm-up Then: 6x KB Turkish Get-up (3 each side) + 60 seconds Hanging Windshield Wipers 5 Rounds Then: Rope Undulation + 400…

Valentine Rawat 20/12/2009