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Strength & HIIT Session Tuesday 10-8-2010

Strength Session Dynamic Warm-up Then: 3×10 Pull-ups Then: 5×5 BB DL 5×5 KB SLDL Then: 3×20 Glute-Ham Developer Back Extention + Sit-ups with…

Valentine Rawat 10/08/2010

Saturday Rugby Conditioning 16-1-2010

Rugby Conditioning Drills 10 minutes Dynamic Mobility warm-up Then: 5x Linear Speed Drills: Single leg Hops to first cone swap leg and hop to second cone then sprint…

Valentine Rawat 16/01/2010

Saturday Rugby Conditioning 9-1-2010

Saturday 9-1-2010 Roundhegians Rugby Leeds Conditioning Training Dynamic Warm-up Prisoners Squats X Jumping Jacks Seal Jumps Forward Stride Jacks Back Bridges Supine…

Valentine Rawat 10/01/2010