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Upper Body Strength Training

Dynamic Warm-up Then: 2×8 Bench Press Close Grip 3×8 Bench Press Neutral Grip 4×8 Chin-ups 2×8 Dumbbell One Arm Row 3×10 Barbell Curls 3×8…

Valentine Rawat 31/10/2011

Strength MAX Effort

Stop chasing the new shiny gadgets. Stop buying the new e-book on how to get 6 pack in 6 weeks or gain super strength in 12 weeks. Do not follow some guru for just…

Valentine Rawat 20/09/2011

Friday Mayhem

Mobility Work Dynamic Warm-up Then: Pyramid Ladder Work 16kg – 10x Double Handed Swings 24kg – 10x Double Handed Swings 32kg – 10x Double Handed…

Valentine Rawat 09/09/2011

Solo Strength Session + Group Metcon Session

Squat and Deadlift Strength Session Dymanic Warm-up Then: 2×15 BB (no weight) Squat 5×3 BB Squat 55%Max Then: 5×3 Deadlift 3×2 Single Arm BB…

Valentine Rawat 06/07/2011

Strength Circuit

Less Quack Quack Quack and simple Strength Training Workout Dynamic Warm-ups Then: 60 seconds on Punch Pad Drills/Heavy Punch Bag Work+ 6x KB TGU 24kg (3 each side)…

Valentine Rawat 10/05/2011

DIY Strength Training

Dynamic Warm-up Mobility Work Pranam Yoga Then: 5×5 Pistols (1 on each leg) – Burpees – Pull-ups Cobmo Then: 5×3 Heavy Single Leg Dead-lift…

Valentine Rawat 24/02/2011