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Upper Body Strength Session

Strength Session: Dynamic Work 2×10 Band Press-ups 2×5 Plyo Press-ups 2×10 Band Shoulder Press Then: 3×8 DB or BB Chest Press Work with 50-60% 1RM + 3×10 DB…

Valentine Rawat 23/09/2011

Upper Body Max Effort and Group Bodyweight Circuit

Upper Body Max Effort Upper Body Dynamic Warm-up Then: 5×5 Weighted chin-ups – 20kg vest 5×5 Close-grip bench press – 60kg Rest 1-3 minutes…

Valentine Rawat 04/07/2011

Upper Body Strength Workout

Dynamic Mobility Muscle Activation Warm-up Then: BB Complex 10x Bent-Over Rows + 10x Shrugs + 10x Cleans + 10x Shoulder Press + 10x Biceps Curls (Yes Biceps curls)…

Valentine Rawat 31/05/2011