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Its all in the sate of mind

As time goes by I have realised that winning is much more than a physical thing. Its all in the sate of mind. Yes it is true that one may have better genes and a…

Valentine Rawat 02/10/2012


Every athlete in their respective sport, knows that the the race, the fight or the match is won or lost on the training ground before its ever won or lost in the…

Valentine Rawat 19/07/2012

Life Wasted

by Jason Ferruggia You’re always saying you’re too weak to be strong.” – Life Wasted by Pearl Jam Another summer weekend just came and went and now here…

Valentine Rawat 03/09/2011

Winning is in the Mind

Winning is a mental thing as much as a physical one. I myself have experienced it where I have gone into a competition with no hunger or desire to win and guess…

Valentine Rawat 22/08/2010

You are Great!!!

To become great at your given sport you have to believe you are GREAT. Not just good or okay, but GREAT. One has to have the single minded focus. Law of attraction…

Valentine Rawat 20/06/2010