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100 Reps Workout

Warm-up with:- 5 minutes Full Body Foam Rolling + 5 minutes Sun Salutation Then: Hindu Push-ups Thrusters Hindu Squats Rollovers to Forward Bend Sit-outs 100 Reps…

Valentine Rawat 02/12/2011

Kettlebell Complex

Life is a series of decisions. If you know why you wake up everyday and where you want to go, the decisions are easy and you stay happy. Inspire Action 5 minutes…

Valentine Rawat 03/01/2011

Yoga Thursday 20-5-2010

Yoga With all the strength and endurance training our bodies can become rigid. I believe it is important to remain flexible and have suppleness in our muscle. Flexibility…

Valentine Rawat 21/05/2010

Thursday 18-2-2010

Thursday 18-2-2010 Morning Session: YOGA Evening Session Dynamic Warm ups Then: Upper body Circuit 5-10-15-10-5 reps Press-ups + Barbell Bent-over Row + Kettlebell…

Valentine Rawat 19/02/2010