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Thursday 12-11-09

Thursday 12-11-09

Why Kettlebells?


The main difference between Kettlebells and other free weights, i.e., barbells and dumbbells, is that the weight in the Kettlebell is off-set from the centre. The Kettlebell recruits more stabilization muscle fibers and works your grip strength more. Because of this arrangement and with the bucket like handle, the range of exercises differ from exercises that you can do with a traditional dumbbell. Kettlebell movements mimic the way that our bodies should move with functional movement patterns. This type of training teaches our bodies correct movement skills. All of the basic kettlebell movements involve triple extension of the ankle, knee and hip joints. Training these joints together with explosive kettlebell movements will improve your lower body power. The end result will be an improvement in your vertical jump, starting strength, sprint speed, reaction strength and a reduction in common injuries, like hamstring strains or pulls. Apart from lower body power, you will also develope upper body strength/power and strengthen your core. A strong core can also reduce the chances of athletes getting injured. If that is good enough then it is also a great fat burning tool.

Dynamic Warmup including Shoulder dislocation and Stickup
60 seconds x Left Arm KB Swings +
60 soconds x Right Arm KB Swings +
30 seconds rest
5 rounds in total
10 minutes x KB Over Head Press
Rest 3 minutes
15 x KB Snatch Left arm +
15 x KB Overhead Squats Left arm +
15 x KB Snatch Right arm +
15 x KB Overhead Squats Right arm
3 rounds in total
Cool down and Stretch

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