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Tuesday Barbell Complex 15-12-09

Tuesday 15-12-09
Barbell Complex

Mobility Warm-up
Cool down and Stretch

Anatomy of THE BEAR

The Bear is basically five lifts in one, but with some subtle differences in how I piece them together. It’s comprised of the following:

1) Power clean (from the hang position usually, but it can also be done from the floor)
2) Front squat
3) Push press (from front of shoulders)
4) Back squat
5) Push press (from behind the shoulders)

You’ll need to comfortably be able to perform each of these components with satisfactory technique. This is not a cute and cuddly bear. Imagine this a the big brown bear about to rip you apart. You either let it or take charge.

In performing this lift, first ensure that good form is maintained throughout with full range of motion. The training load should be based upon the push press maximum. This is important: check the ego. Don’t underestimate this bad boy; use an appropriate weight and rest between sets.

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