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Jack’s Success Story

Name: Jack
Weight before show: 28st 8lbs
Metabolic age: 39
Actual age: 25

At 25, Jack could be the poster boy for today’s obesity epidemic.  Instead of enjoying young, single life he’s been living in his bedroom, addicted to computer games and sweets.

At 6ft 5in, Jack’s always been the biggest amongst his peers, at aged nine he already weighed nine stones. By puberty, he was heading towards morbid obesity.

With Jack’s weight topping twenty-eight and a half stones his family and friends felt that if he did not lose weight he could die young. To shock him into losing weight his mother even spoken about getting him a funeral fund, while his grandmother lavishes money on buying clothes at a regular size in the hope that this will convince him to slim into them.

Before the show, Jack hated his body, especially his man boobs, and could not understand how anyone could find him attractive.  Can he lose nearly half his bodyweight and embark on living a normal life?

Obese A Year To Save My Life, A Year to Save my Life, jessie pavelka

Instilling the winning mentality… Come Rain, snow or shine I am going to train. Jack December 2010 – Weighing in at 28.8 Stones

Jack in April 2011 – continuing his weight and fat loss journey

Jack Gorny – Today – Living and Loving Life – Weighing in at a healthy 17.5 stones