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Personalised Fitness System

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You want to row the Atlantic, get stronger to compete in MMA or BJJ, beat the competition at Tough Mudder, work on rebuilding your strength after an injury or illness, gain lean muscle or lose those inches that you have wanted to for all those years …


Let’s accomplish them together! We get immense pleasure in watching you be a success in this part of your journey.


We don’t practice boastful workouts to boost the ego. We don’t body shame you. Our aim is to improve your health and quality of life.


Personal Training & Group Training

Fitness is so much more than exercise. It is the catalyst for positive change and it affects every aspect of your life.


Quiet Strength: strong yet gentle, firm but kind, be indomitable and unassuming.

Our motivations: the journey, the struggle, the human side. Having the courage and confidence to fail over and over until you succeed. This is how we approach strength training.

Training is a preparation for life, something real (family, country, sports). Nutrition and recovery are the heart and lungs. We believe that it's easier to tame the body by training all energy systems and never forgetting the mental aspect which gives us the true metal and grit to Semper Progrediendi.

We believe we are never static, always in the making and never made. We continue to evolve, always learning, adopting whats useful and uniquely adding our own.

You have to figure out who you are a person, as an athlete and as a human being on this planet and stay on course.

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It won't make much sense until you see everything that is included and how we do things.

Pricing Plans

We absolutely value science-backed knowledge versus fitness trends and myths


6 sessions

Introduction to personal training. This plan includes full assessment and 1-2-1 personal training sessions, re-evaluation and tweaking throughout our training journey.

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12 sessions

Based on a minimum of 2 sessions per week this is a 6-week plan. This plan includes full assessment, re-evaluation and tweaking throughout our training journey.

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24 sessions

Based on a minimum of 3 sessions per week this is an 8-weeks plan. This plan includes full assessment, re-evaluation and tweaking throughout our training journey.

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You don’t have to be great at the beginning, you just have to start and make yourself invincible.


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