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MMA Conditioning Wednesday 22nd September 2010

Dynamic Warm-up Then: Rope Undulation (seated or horse stance) + Rest 30 seconds + Medicine Ball Slam + Rest 30 seconds + Kneeling Punching on Heavy Punch bag +…

Valentine Rawat September 22, 2010

Heart and Lung Training Friday 17th September 2010

I love the High Intensity Interval Training. Its never boring and you are constantly moving in an explosive manner. “Creativity and Simplicity is the key”,…

Valentine Rawat September 18, 2010

HIIT Thursday 8-7-2010

HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Then: Tabata Protocol 8×20 seconds, 10 seconds rest Sprints – surface Power weighted…

Valentine Rawat July 8, 2010

Monday H.I.I.T. 1-2-2010

Monday 1-2-2010 High Intensity Interval Training Warmup Then: Up-downs + Over Head Squats + Yoga Dolphin Pose/Elbow Pike Press-ups + Single legged Squats + T- Pushups…

Valentine Rawat February 1, 2010

Monday H.I.I.T 25-1-2010

Monday 25-1-2010 High Intensity Interval Training Warmup Then: Up-downs + Over Head Squats + Yoga Dolphin Pose/Elbow Pike Press-ups + Single legged Squats + T- Pushups…

Valentine Rawat January 25, 2010
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