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November 2009

Monday Density Blocks 30-11-09

Monday 30-11-09 Density Blocks Training Dynamic Warm Then: Main workout 5 minutes Skipping/Spot Sprints Bastards Crab Walks Rest 2 minutes 4 minutes Skipping/Spot…

Valentine Rawat 30/11/2009

Sunday 29-11-09

Sunday 29-11-09 REST DAY…

Valentine Rawat 30/11/2009

Saturday Strength 28-11-09

Saturday 28-11-09 Strength Warmup Then: Pyramid Sets Work up to Heavy Deadlift and then back to light Deadlift 10-8-6-4-2-1-2-4-6-8-10 Rest appropriately between…

Valentine Rawat 30/11/2009

Fat burning: how working out in the cold can reduce your fat levels

Fat burning: how working out in the cold can reduce your fat levels Exercising in the cold air can help hot up your fat-burning fires. As the weather gets colder,…

Valentine Rawat 27/11/2009

Friday Barbell Strength Work 27-11-09

Friday 27-11-09 Barbell Strength Work Warm-up Then: 2×20 Front Squats (Light) 3×15 Front Squats (50-60%max) 2×8 Front Squats (Max that you can clean)…

Valentine Rawat 27/11/2009

Thursday 26-11-09

Thursday 26-11-09 Interval Circuit Training Warm-up Then: Kettlebell Swings + Kettlebell Push Press (uneven weight 20kg and 24kg) Rope Undulation + Resistance Band…

Valentine Rawat 27/11/2009

Wednesday 25-11-09

Wednesday 25-11-09 Strength Warm-up Then: 3×20 Body weight Squats 2×10 Body weight Jump Squat 2×20 Body weight Low Jumping Lunges Then: Deadlift work…

Valentine Rawat 25/11/2009

Tuesday 24-11-09

Tuesday 24-11-09 Strength Endurance… Dynamic Warmup Then: Main Work Barbell Hang Cleans 50% max+ Kettlebell Single Leg Steps ups + Single Kettlebell or plate…

Valentine Rawat 24/11/2009

Monday 23-11-09

Monday 23-11-09 Kettlebell Complex and Functional Core Workout Warm-up: Kettlebell Swing Then: 20 x Kettlebell Push-up to L-Hold + 20 x Bastards to KB Clean and…

Valentine Rawat 23/11/2009

Sunday 22-11-09

Sunday 22-11-09 Today is a day for Active Rest. Basically active rest is lighter, less demanding and generally performed at a lower level of intensity. Active rest…

Valentine Rawat 23/11/2009

Saturday 21-11-09

Saturday 21-11-09 Sprint Training… Choose a Flat ground or Hill Sprints or Steps… Objective: to improve maximum speed Suitable for: sprinters and all…

Valentine Rawat 21/11/2009

Friday 20-11-09

Friday 20-11-09 Day of Rest

Valentine Rawat 21/11/2009

Thursday 19-11-09

Thursday Session 19-11-09 Warm up: 50 x KB Swing Then main work: 5 x 10 each arm 32kg Kettlebells Jerks Then: 50 x Close Grip Press-ups Then: Cool down and stre…

Valentine Rawat 19/11/2009

Wednesday 18-11-09

Wednesday Session 18-11-09 Warm-up Then: 5 rounds 1 minute per exercise Kettlebell Swing + Rope Undulation + Kettlebell High Pulls + Lateral Bounding + Medicine…

Valentine Rawat 19/11/2009

No Excuses Matt Scott

Do you really have an excuse for not doing your training or whatever else it is in life that you want to do? Answer that seriously. Home: Detroit, Michigan Birthday:…

Valentine Rawat 19/11/2009

Kettlebell Training In The Age Of Quarrel DVD Trailer

Here is a sneak preview of a new Mahler’s Aggressive Strength LLC production Kettlebell Training In the Age Of Quarrel 5 DVD set!…

Valentine Rawat 17/11/2009
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