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Indian Jori

Indian Jori

In these modern times, people love to go to gym for aesthetically pleasing body shape. They all love to drink protein powder shakes and inject steroids, but after…

Valentine Rawat 10/08/2014

Indian Wrestler Warrior Workout

Each morning the wrestler in India wakes up at 4am for their early morning run followed by strict vegetarian diet, of almond paste, milk, eggs and chappati. This…

Valentine Rawat 28/01/2012
Kettlebell Strength Endurance Training

Kettlebell Strength Endurance Training

Dynamic Warm-up Then: 3mins Indian Clubbell Mobility Work Then: 2×10 Double 16kg Kettlebell Clean and Jerks 2×10 Single 16kg Kettlebell Snatch Then: 1×15…

Valentine Rawat 02/01/2012

Superset Conditioning Workout

Dynamic Warm-up Then: 8 rounds 30 seconds work per exercise and 30 rest between each round Supersets Pull Ups + KB Swings Ring Dips + Ropes Undulation Then: 6 rounds…

Valentine Rawat 03/12/2011

Recovery, Reconditioning and Restore

10 minutes x Self Mayofacial Release (SMR) Work using Foam Rollers, The Grid, Tennis/Hockey Ball, or whatever you can get your hands on. 20 minutes x Flowing Yoga…

Valentine Rawat 10/09/2011

Mobility S&C

Bodyweight Mobility Work Head to Toe Then: 8x Hindu Push Ups + 15x Stick Ups (against the wall) + 8x Planche Press Ups + 15x Serratus Anterior Floor Press (Press-up…

Valentine Rawat 22/07/2011

Clubbells - Kettlebells - Bodyweight Workout for Strength

Warm-up with 15 minutes Skipping Followed by: Various Indian Clubbells Drills 5 minutes Light for Mobility work 5 minutes Heavy for Power and Strength Followed by:…

Valentine Rawat 08/03/2011

Body Weight Calisthenics + Indian Clubbells

“Fatigue makes cowards of us all.” Vince Lombardi Jog to the Hills 10x Hill Sprints Followed by a Jog back Home Then: Burpees + Pull-ups + Squats + Press-ups…

Valentine Rawat 11/02/2011

Indian Clubbells Strength & Mobility Saturday 30th October 2010

Clubbells also know as Indian Clubbells, are a relatively new in the fitness industry. It hasn’t caught on as well as Kettlebells yet. Indian wrestlers have…

Valentine Rawat 30/10/2010

Power Tuesday 28th September 2010

Mobility Warm-up using 2kg Iron Indian Clubbell Then: 60secs x Clean & Jerks 16kg Left + 5secs rest + 60secs x Clean & Jerks 16kg Right + 5secs rest +…

Valentine Rawat 28/09/2010

Strength Day Saturday 28-8-2010

Its not the STRENGTH but DESIRE which moves us… Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Then: Indian Clubbell 25x Swings to Squat + 25x Single Arm Swinging Shield Cast Complete…

Valentine Rawat 28/08/2010

Strength Training Monday 12-7-2010

Session 1 – Strength Training Mobility Warm-up Then: 2×20 Bodyweight Squats 2×15 Barbell Jump Squats 5×5 Barbell Squats Then: Single arm Indian…

Valentine Rawat 12/07/2010

Strength Endurance Friday 9-7-2010

Strength Endurance Dynamic Warm-up Then: 5x Burpees + 15 meters Bear Crawls + 50 meters Sprints + Jog back to recover 5 Rounds Then: 30 seconds Press-up + 30 seconds…

Valentine Rawat 09/07/2010