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The Philosophy Of Exercise

In order for health to be achieved and maintained, there must exist a proper balance between rest and activity. As certainly as rest follows exertion, so too must…

Valentine Rawat 11/03/2012
Rest and Read

Rest and Read

I came across the following book this week. Its called “FUCK CALORIES” by Krista Scott Dixon. Loved it’s commonsense advise on food that we eat.…

Valentine Rawat 07/01/2012


Many people try to cover up their problems by spending money on things they really do not need. Most of these purchases are derived from the best marketing. Yes,…

Valentine Rawat 13/11/2011

Lean Body Plan

Countdown to Lean Belly How did they do it? That’s the first question anyone asks when they see a friend or colleague who’s lost a lot of weight, or remade their…

Valentine Rawat 02/10/2011

Life Wasted

by Jason Ferruggia You’re always saying you’re too weak to be strong.” – Life Wasted by Pearl Jam Another summer weekend just came and went and now here…

Valentine Rawat 03/09/2011

The Body as One Unit

Compound Athletic Exercises VS Conventional Bodybuilding Isolation Work Doing Isolation Work is a Waste of Time: Isolation exercises like leg extensions are a waste…

Valentine Rawat 07/08/2011

Shake it Right

Sunday’s I like my cooked breakfast. You know, eggs, bacon, beans, toast… oh with some strawberry jam. I’ll admit to break some of my own weekdays…

Valentine Rawat 05/06/2011

Rules to Eat By

“Unless you’ve eaten breakfast, don’t ask about nutrition” Coach Dan John I have come across a lot of information on diets and there are…

Valentine Rawat 20/03/2011

Optimum Performance Through Nutrition

Many athletes at all levels of performance from club through to elite are striving to achieve optimum performance through nutrition as well as their training programmes.…

Valentine Rawat 27/02/2011


SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION The evidence behind glucosamine sulphate is very positive. A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine in 2003 investigated…

Valentine Rawat 07/07/2010

The Fitness Skeptic

The Fitness Skeptic By Jamie Hale “Coach Hale why are you so skeptical?” “Why do you have such a negative view of the fitness industry?” “You are…

Valentine Rawat 10/03/2010

My Top choice of Foods

My Top choice of Foods Natural starchy carbohydrates and whole grains 1. Oatmeal (old fashioned) 2. Quinoa 3. Brown rice 4. Sweet potatoes 5. Multi grain hot cereal…

Valentine Rawat 22/10/2009

Nutrition For Optimum Performance

Nutrition For Optimum Performance by Dr Gary Mendoza It is acknowledged that the nutritional practices of some athletes are sub-optimal (1). This may be due to lack…

Valentine Rawat 11/10/2009

My Top choice of Foods... Yumm.

Natural starchy carbohydrates and whole grains 1. Oatmeal (old fashioned) 2. Quinoa 3. Brown rice 4. Sweet potatoes 5. Multi grain hot cereal (mix of barley, oats,…

Valentine Rawat 11/06/2009