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Happy New Year - 2014

Happy New Year - 2014

Happy New Year. May you be as strong as last year and some. May you be faster than speeding bullet. May you be lean and maintain it all year round. It’s all…

Valentine Rawat 01/01/2014
Monday Morning Personal Training Session

Monday Morning Personal Training Session

Monday morning personal training start-up: “Driving to succeed overnight may look and feel good, but it’s unstable. Setting out to succeed for a lifetime…

Valentine Rawat 09/07/2012

Bloody Dumbbell Complex

Dynamic Warm-up Then: Dumbbell Complex 5x Hammer Curls 10x Alternate Overhead Press (5 each arm) 10x Overhead Lunges (5 each leg) 10x Bent Over Rows 20x Stiff Legged…

Valentine Rawat 01/03/2012


Dynamic Warm-up Then: 8x Deadlifts + 10x Pull-ups or Press-ups + 1min Mountain Climbers + 1min Burpees + 2min Rest Compete 3 Rounds Then: 10x Forward Lunges + 10x…

Valentine Rawat 21/02/2012

Manmaker Workout

Dynamic Warm-up Then: 30secs x DB Press-ups + 30secs x DB Renegade Rows + 30secs x DB Double Groiners + 30secs x DB Power Cleans + 30secs x DB Squats + 30secs x…

Valentine Rawat 31/01/2012
Interval Weight Training

Interval Weight Training

10x DB Bent-over Row + 10x DB Floor Chest Press + 2mins Rowing + 2mins Rest Then: 10x DB Stiff Legged Deadlift + 10x DB Lunges + 2mins Rope Undulation + 2 minutes…

Valentine Rawat 26/01/2012
Javorek's Dumbbell Complex

Javorek's Dumbbell Complex

This workout is directly inspired by Istvan Javorek. Dynamic Warm-up Then: Dumbbell Complex Upright Row + High Pull Snatch + Squat Push Press + Rotational Bent Over…

Valentine Rawat 17/01/2012

Strength - GPP

Dynamic Warm-up Then: 2×8 BB Bench Close Grip 3×8 BB Bench Neutral Grip Rest 90seconds between sets Then: 4×8 Weighted Chin-ups + 2×8 DB One…

Valentine Rawat 03/01/2012
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