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March 2010

5x5 Tuesday 30-3-2010

Tuesday 30-3-2010 5×5 Dynamic Warm-up Then: 5 sets 5 reps on each exercise Cleans Deadlifts Front Squats Ring L-Pull ups with weighted vest Handing Windshield…

Valentine Rawat 31/03/2010

Kettlebell Circuit Monday 29-3-2010

Monday 29-3-2010 Kettlebell Circuit Double handed swing 28 kg men/16 kg women + Burpees + Snatch left, 24 kg/8-12 kg women + Snatch right 24 kg/8-12 kg women + Jack…

Valentine Rawat 29/03/2010

You are a Winner Sunday 28-3-2010

You are a winner… Did you give it your all this week?

Valentine Rawat 28/03/2010

Conditioning is King Saturday 27-3-2010

Saturday 27-3-2010 Conditioning is King Dynamic Warm up Then: 5 rounds of the following: 3 min x Skipping 2 min x Rope Undulation 1 min x Hammer work (alt grip)…

Valentine Rawat 28/03/2010

Kettlebell Meltdown Friday 26-3-2010

Friday 26-3-2010 Kettlebell Meltdown Dynamic Warm-up Then: 1 minute per exercise 20 minutes of total work of – KB Swing 24kg KB Deadlift 2x40kg kettlebells…

Valentine Rawat 26/03/2010

Strength & Power Thursday 25-3-2010

Thursday 25-3-2010 Strength & Power Dynamic Warm-up Then: 15x Deadlifts + 20x Hammer work + 30x Bastards As many rounds in 20 minutes Then: Recover – Cool…

Valentine Rawat 25/03/2010

Time Training Wednesday 24-3-2010

Wednesday 24-3-2010 Time Training Morning Session: Road Bike Training 10 miles for time Then: 50 Pull-ups for time Then: Cool down and Stretch Evening Session: Dynamic…

Valentine Rawat 24/03/2010

Strength Training Tuesday 23-3-2010

Tuesday 23-3-2010 Strength Training Dynamic Warm-up Then: 2×20 KB Snatch Then: 5×8 Deadlift Then: 5×5 Chin-ups Then: 3×12 Single Arm Swiss Ball…

Valentine Rawat 24/03/2010

Conditioning Training Monday 22-3-2010

Monday 22-3-2010 Conditioning Training Dynamic Warmup Then: 3×30 seconds per exercise Squat Rest 15 seconds in between sets 3×30 seconds Wall Squat Hold…

Valentine Rawat 22/03/2010

Rest Day Funny Workout Sunday 21-3-2010

Rest Day Funny Workout Sunday 21-3-2010

Valentine Rawat 22/03/2010

Kettlebells Saturday 20-3-2010

Saturday 20-3-2010 Dynamic Warmup Then: Kettlebell Work 32kg x 1 minute – 24kg x 3 minutes – 16kg x 5 minutes 1x handed Cleans left then right Then:…

Valentine Rawat 22/03/2010

Hill Sprints Friday 19-3-2010

Friday 19-3-2010 Hill Sprints Dynamic Lower and Upper Body Warm-up Then: Light Jog Then: 5x Hill 60 Sprints (Roundhay Park Leeds) Then: 10x Steps (88) Then: Light…

Valentine Rawat 20/03/2010

Barbell Complex Thursday 18-3-2010

Thursday 18-3-2010 Barbell Complex Dynamic Warm-ups Then: Barbell weighing 35% of your Deadlift max 5×10 per exercise Deadlift + Bent Over Row + Hang Cleans…

Valentine Rawat 19/03/2010

Best Abdominal Exercises

Best Abdominal Exercises Ab Crazy If you are reading this then I guess you are in the like the majority of people out there that would love to have the the infamous…

Valentine Rawat 17/03/2010

Kettlebells Smash Wednesday 17-3-2010

Wednesday 17-3-2010 Kettlebells Smash Dynamic Warm-up Then: Goblet Squat + Plyometrics KB Press-ups + Deck Squat + High Pulls + Overhead Press & forward Lunge…

Valentine Rawat 17/03/2010

Strength - Speed Workout Tuesday 16-3-2010

Tuesday 16-3-2010 Strength Workout Dynamic Mobility warm-up Then: 10 sets of 5x Pull-ups + 10x Press-ups Then: 5×5 KB Press + KB Push Press + KB Jerks Then:…

Valentine Rawat 17/03/2010
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