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Fat Burn Cardio WORKOUT

Over the last few months I have had the pleasure of getting up at 3.30/4am every weekday then to travel to a client for an hour and train her for 2 hours each day…

Valentine Rawat 03/08/2012
Mayhem Bodyweight

Mayhem Bodyweight

Lets burn it… Dynamic Warm-up Then: Rope Pulls + KB Swings + 6 Point Burpees + Band Rows 45seconds work 15seconds rest 4 rounds Rest for a full 1 minute after…

Valentine Rawat 13/02/2012

Intense Mayhem Cardio Training Session

Happy is a man/woman who has a dream and is willing to pay any price to make it happen. Dynamic Warm-up Then: Alternate Rope Undulation + Agility Ladder Quick Feet…

Valentine Rawat 09/01/2012
Kettlebells, Ropes + Core Training

Kettlebells, Ropes + Core Training

Dynamic Warm-up Then: 45s Single KB Double handed Swings + 15s Rest + 45s Alternate Rope Undulation + 60s Rest Complete 3 rounds Then: 30s Double KB Swings + 30s…

Valentine Rawat 16/12/2011