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Interval Weight Training

Dynamic Warm-up Then: 10x Deadlift + 10x Bentover Rows + 2minutes Rowing @1.50min/500m pace 2minutes Rest Complete 3 rounds Then: 5 minutes rest including the last…

Valentine Rawat 28/02/2012

Bruce Lee

“I am moving and not moving at all. I am like the moon underneath the waves that ever go on rolling and rocking. It is not, ‘I am doing this’,…

Valentine Rawat 26/02/2012

Training Music

Alot of a…sharks out there…try’na take a bite of somethin’ What’s hot Lot of chameleons out there…try’na change up Anytime…

Valentine Rawat 25/02/2012
Friday Challenge

Friday Challenge

Dynamic Mobility Warm-up + SMR Then: 1500 Challenge: 500m Row 100x Press-ups 100x Sit-ups 100x Pull-ups 100x Squats 100x Burpees 500m Row Rest as and when you want…

Valentine Rawat 24/02/2012
Outdoor Sprint Workout

Outdoor Sprint Workout

Dynamic Warm-up Then: 3x60m 5 Speed Drills + Sprint Rest 60sec between each drill Then: 3x200m Gear Sprints 3x200m Falling Start Sprints 3x200m Explosive Floor Get-up…

Valentine Rawat 23/02/2012


Dynamic Warm-up Then: 8x Deadlifts + 10x Pull-ups or Press-ups + 1min Mountain Climbers + 1min Burpees + 2min Rest Compete 3 Rounds Then: 10x Forward Lunges + 10x…

Valentine Rawat 21/02/2012

Bodyweight Commando Workout

Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Then: Quad Press + Table Top + Leg Swoop + Iranian Press-ups + Quad Hops (add claps if you can) + Springing Tripod + Spinal Rock + Screwing…

Valentine Rawat 20/02/2012

Dartanyon and Leroy - Wrestlers Successful Struggle

Life is a struggle. Better get used to it. But if you choose to ignore that then you are going to spend your life very unhappy. But do whatever you can to make life…

Valentine Rawat 19/02/2012
Sandbag Thursday Complex

Sandbag Thursday Complex

Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Then: Sandbag Complex consists of the following exercises: Bent Over Rows + Cleans (from the floor) + Zercher Squats + Shouldering (from…

Valentine Rawat 16/02/2012

Kettlebell Metcon

Kettlebell Mobility Warm-up Then: Swings + Star Jumps Rest Overhead Squats + Press-ups Rest Single Arm Swings + Sprinting on the Spot Rest Single Arm Push Press…

Valentine Rawat 15/02/2012
Valentine's Day Training Session

Valentine's Day Training Session

Dynamic Mobility Warm-up + SMR Then: 30secs x Press-ups + 15secs x Clap Press-ups + 15secs x Rest + 30secs x Split Squats (Left) + 15secs x Jump Split Squats + 15secs…

Valentine Rawat 14/02/2012
Mayhem Bodyweight

Mayhem Bodyweight

Lets burn it… Dynamic Warm-up Then: Rope Pulls + KB Swings + 6 Point Burpees + Band Rows 45seconds work 15seconds rest 4 rounds Rest for a full 1 minute after…

Valentine Rawat 13/02/2012
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