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I Want to be a Champion

There is no IF, BUTS OR MAYBES.

Valentine Rawat 24/04/2011

Be Inspired by Stephen Murray

Stephen now lives a different reality, but see’s it as a platform to help others. Stay Strong Foundation

Valentine Rawat 17/04/2011

Sandbag Strength Training

Dynamic Warm-up Then: Heavy Sandbag Complex Cleans to Left Shoulder + Squat + Cleans to Right Shoulder + Squat + Cleans to Rack Position + Squat Thats 1 rep. Complete…

Valentine Rawat 16/04/2011

Combat Training

HARD WORK ALWAYS PAYS OFF. Warm-up 10 minutes of Skipping Dynamic Stretching Then: 30 seconds Sit-ups + 30 seconds Press-ups + 30 seconds Deck Squats + 30 seconds…

Valentine Rawat 15/04/2011

Underground Bodyweight Strength Workout

Dynamic Warm-up Then: 15 minutes Skipping Then: 50x Pull-ups 50x Rings Dips 50x Hanging Leg Raises break 90 degrees 50x Box Jumps 50x Jump Overs (with hands on the…

Valentine Rawat 14/04/2011

Group Outdoor Training - Roundhay Park

Dynamic Warm-up Then: 10x Squats (start point)+ 1x Hill Sprint (incline approx. 45 degrees, distance approx. 100m) + 10x Hindu Push-ups (at the top) 10 rounds Rest…

Valentine Rawat 13/04/2011

Rest Day - Reminder

My message to all that want to train at RAWFIT: Hard work cannot be avoided! Training is a way of life. It should not be made a chore. And while in the moment, live…

Valentine Rawat 12/04/2011

Group MetCon Workout

“Research conducted by Stanford psychology professor, Carol Dweck has shown that most people have one of two types of “MINDSET”: FIXED MINDSET or GROWTH…

Valentine Rawat 11/04/2011

Meditation in Movement

I sat down still this morning with the incense burning, sunshine filled all the space around me and as I tried to meditate, my mind full of thoughts. I found it…

Valentine Rawat 10/04/2011

Lets Clean for Power

Everything starts with a choice. You are free to make them. Dynamic Warm-up Followed by the workout: Work up to you heavy Cleans Then: 3×3 Cleans 70% of your…

Valentine Rawat 09/04/2011

Friday's High Octane

“Fit people produce much more glycerol after a workout than someone who is not in as good of shape. Glycerol levels are an indicator of fat breakdown. Fit…

Valentine Rawat 08/04/2011


Dynamic Warm-up Followed by: Work up to OHS 1rep Max Then: 5×3 OHS at 80% Max Then: 8×3 Accelerating Koji Front Squats Rest 1 minute between sets Then:…

Valentine Rawat 07/04/2011

Group Kettlebells Jump Rope Workout

Without a struggle, there can be no progress. Frederick Douglass Dynamic Warm-up Then: Partner 1: 2 handed Swing + 1 handed Swing Left + 1 handed Swing Right + Hand…

Valentine Rawat 06/04/2011

Solo Deck of Cards

Go Heavy Go Home       Deck of Cards Cruel Cruel Way to Punish your Body. Require a minimum of 2 deck of playing cards. Separate the Aces, Kings,…

Valentine Rawat 05/04/2011

High Intensity Group Training

Dynamic Warm-up Followed by: 10x Burpees 20x Box/Bench Jumps 30x Press-ups 40x Single Leg Squats 50x KB Swings 5 rounds minimal rest Then: 5×5 minutes Pad or…

Valentine Rawat 04/04/2011

The Wisdom of Wooden

When a wise mans speaks, I listen. “7 Point Creed” 1. Be True to Yourself 2. Help Others 3. Make Each Day Your Masterpiece 4. Drink deeply from Good…

Valentine Rawat 03/04/2011
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