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Attack is the best form of defence

Attack is the best form of defence. When discussing strength training, we talk about progressive overload. This same principle is something that I take into my Jeet…

Valentine Rawat 31/07/2011

Back, Traps and Biceps

Mobility Warm-up 3×10 Ring Rows Then: 3×10 Pull-ups 3×10 One Arm DB/KB Row 3×10 BentOver T-Bar Rows 3×10 BB Shrug 2×15 DB Curl Then:…

Valentine Rawat 28/07/2011

Kettlebell Deck of Cards

“Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone;
but if someone puts his hand on you,
 send him to the cemetery.” MX Kettlebell Warm-up…

Valentine Rawat 27/07/2011

666 Strength Circuit

Dynamic Warmup Then: 666 BB Complex Bent Over Rows + Cleans + Front Squats + Overhead Press (military or push press) + Good Mornings + Back Squats 6 exercises, 6…

Valentine Rawat 26/07/2011

Deck of Cards - Bodyweight Workout

Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Then: Deck of Cards Workout Choice of 4 exercises. Repetition = the face value (2-10 are obvious, Jack/Queen/King = 10 and Ace = 11). Rest…

Valentine Rawat 25/07/2011

Squat and Deadlift

Squat and Deadlift Strength Session Dymanic Warm-up Then: 2×15 BB (no weight) Squat 5×3 BB Squat 75%Max Then: 5×3 Deadlift (Work up to near max) 3×2 Single Arm…

Valentine Rawat 25/07/2011

Bruce Lee - As Told By You

“Truth has no path. Truth is living and, therefore, changing.” There are 14 mini episodes in total. To follow the rest of the story sign up at Collect Bruce…

Valentine Rawat 24/07/2011

Saturday Mayhem Session

Mayhem Session = violent or damaging disorder; chaos: destruction of the body and mind created, in order to rebuild it back again stronger and with a better understanding…

Valentine Rawat 23/07/2011

Mobility S&C

Bodyweight Mobility Work Head to Toe Then: 8x Hindu Push Ups + 15x Stick Ups (against the wall) + 8x Planche Press Ups + 15x Serratus Anterior Floor Press (Press-up…

Valentine Rawat 22/07/2011

Hill Training

Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Light Jog Warm-up Then: 10x Burpees + Hill Sprints (distance you pick) + 10x Plyometrics Press-ups + Jog back to start Continue for 15 minutes…

Valentine Rawat 21/07/2011

Group Kettlebells & Bodyweight Conditioning Circuit Training

Dynamic Warm-up + Mobility Warm-up Then: 20x KB Goblet Squat + 20x Hindu Pushup + 20x KB double handed Swings + 20x Backward Lunges (20 each side) + 20x KB High…

Valentine Rawat 20/07/2011

Upper Body Maximal Strength Work

Bruce Lee said it best, “Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.” So here is one of our many workouts. It serves…

Valentine Rawat 19/07/2011

Body Weight Blast

Dynamic Warm up Then: 60secs x 3 Way Lunges + 60secs x Straight leg Jack knife Deadlift Rest 30 seconds Complete 3 sets Then: 60secs x Press-ups (vary it) + 60secs…

Valentine Rawat 18/07/2011

Rebuild Yourself with Complexes

Rebuild Yourself with Complexes by Dan John If I ever recommended a workout that cut fat and built muscle at the same time, I’m not sure I’d believe…

Valentine Rawat 17/07/2011


HIP FLEXOR STRAINS: YOUR GLUTES MAYBE THE ANSWER! In almost all cases that we see in our clinics of Hip flexor Strains, the cause of the problem is the hip muscles,…

Valentine Rawat 16/07/2011

Hills from Hell - Lets Sprint up them

In order to achieve anything you have to conquer whats put in front of you. Tackle it head on. Dynamic warm-up Then: Work takes place in the outdoors at Hill 60…

Valentine Rawat 15/07/2011
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