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Deadlift – Power and Strength

Deadlift should be an important part of everyone’s workout, especially those chasing strength gains. In globo health clubs it has seen a major decline and unfairly received bad reputation. Not surprisingly in this same health clubs trainers regularly promote not to squat below 90. COME ON… I have also had doctors tell me that I should not deadlift or squat and they will problems to the knees and cause back problems. Seriously? There is a saying amongst some in the strength trainers, “there are few poor lifts, only poor lifting technique.” Preform deadlifts with proper technique and you will not only get a strong back but also prevent injuries to the back and lessen any lower back pain.

Learn how to deadlift to create a strong core (yes “core”), increase work capacity, strength and mass.

Dynamic Warm-up
Mobility work
2×15 (each side) Suit Case Deadlift BB
2×15 Shrugs
2×15 Pull-ups
2×15 Sumo Deadlift
4×5 Sumo Deadlift (working at 75%+)
2×5 Stiff leg Deadlift (working at 75%+)
3×1 Deadlift (working at 90%+)
Rest 2 minutes between sets
3×2 Power Cleans
3×1 Power Clean & Jerk
Working at maximal weight (80%+). Rest 2 between sets.
Cool down and Self Myofascial Release Work with a ball

Self Myofacial Release

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