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Mobility Warm-up
SMR Upper body
10 minutes Indian Club
Dynamic Effort
5×10 KB or DB 16-20kg Single Arm Overhead Press with Resistance Band (Red) (5 on each side)
3×4 KB or DB 24-28kg Single Arm Overhead Press with Resistance Band (Red) (2 on each side)
3×2 KB or DB 24-28kg Seated Single Arm Overhead Press (1 on each side)
Chin-ups +
Close grips Press-ups
2 sets to failure with correct form
Cool down and SMR

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View as we recovered from our hill sprints

Evening Group session
Dynamic Warm-up and Sprint Specific drills
5x Hill 60 Steps Sprints (88 varied heights and strides)
10x Hill 60 Sprints (distance approx. 60m)
Rest 60-90seconds between each sprints
3x Frog Jumps to 1x Sprawl
Tiger Crawls
Forward Jumping Squats
Bear Crawls
15 seconds per exercise. Start at the bottom of the hill and you finish when you reach the top.
Rest 60-90seconds
Complete 5 rounds
Cool down and Stretch



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