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While traveling in India a young man watched a wrestling match and saw the smaller man upend his large opponent and slammed him to the ground. After the match the boy asked the “Great Gama”

“Your opponent was very big and yet you threw him like a baby. How?

It’s really simple the Indian said. ” In the Punjab where I lived. There was a large tree growing behind my house. Each morning I would rise up early, tie my belt around it and try to throw it down.

A tree? The boy said.

“I have attempted to lift the tree for twenty years”. And did you do it? No little one , but after a tree … a man is easy.

The boy then practiced every morning in the cool air. Later that boy grew in strength, until he became a strongman, who could bend thick steel bars with his bare hands.

You will just have to experience it for yourself.

Strongmen Secrets

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