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Kettlebells MetCon 101

Kettlebells MetCon 101

Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Then: 20x Single KB Double Handed Swings 20x Single KB Single Arm Swings (right then left) 20x Single KB Release and Catch Double Handed…

Valentine Rawat 09/11/2011

Metabolic Conditioning

Dynamic Warm-up Then: Complete 4 rounds Partner 1 5x KB Single Arm Swings 5x KB Cleans 5x KB Jerks 5x KB Snatch Complete as many sets in time given and complete…

Valentine Rawat 09/02/2011

Group MetCon Session 29th September 2010

Met Con = Metabolic Conditioning Metabolic Conditioning is – increasing the condition of muscle use by improving the efficiency of the metabolic pathways. Strength…

Valentine Rawat 30/09/2010

Monday MetCon Session 20th September 2010

RESULTS from the workout below Oxygen Uptake – improved Athletic Performance – improved Insulin Sensitivity – improved Resting Fat Oxidation –…

Valentine Rawat 20/09/2010

Give it a Name Workout Wednesday 1st September 2010

Give it a Name… I am not a marketer. Today’s training session is basically circuit training/metabolic conditioning training/interval training/well whatever…

Valentine Rawat 01/09/2010

Metabolic Conditioning Wednesday 25-8-2010

Kettlebell Metcon Workout Dynamic Warm-up Then: Kettlebell work 10x Single arm Swing Left + 10x Cleans Left + 10x Military Press Left + 10x Overhead Split Squat…

Valentine Rawat 25/08/2010

Mobility & METCON Training Day Wednesday 11-8-2010

“Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have…

Valentine Rawat 11/08/2010