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Friday Chaos Training

10minutes Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Then: 8x Zercher Squats 50/60% Max 8x Kneeling to Squats Bodyweight 8x Double KB Snatch 8x Plyo Press-ups (clap) 500m x Row (all…

Valentine Rawat 19/08/2011

Hill Sprints

Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Then: 1x Right Side Shuffle 5m + Forward Hill Sprint 50m + Jog back to Recover + 1x Left Side Shuffle 5m + Forward Hill Sprint 50m Jog back…

Valentine Rawat 11/08/2011

Integrated Animal Flow Drills with Sprint Training

Do you know what is proven to work time and time again to get all those people that are in great shape; its the old school way. Put in the work, commit to your training,…

Valentine Rawat 04/08/2011

Team Work Hill Sprint Session

Remember there is not “I” in “Team”. We go as a unit and come out stronger as a UNIT. Light Jog + Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Then: TM 1: 1x…

Valentine Rawat 30/05/2011

Friday Speed Session

Dynamic Warm-up Then: 5x 45secs Sprints + 45secs Rest 5x 30secs Sprints + 30secs Rest 5x 15secs Sprints + 15secs Rest This to be done on a flat ground. Grass or…

Valentine Rawat 27/05/2011