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Israeli Special Forces TACFIT Challenge Friday 11-6-2010

Israeli Special Forces TACFIT Challenge

Came across this workout by Scott Sonnon from TACFIT Commando. It is brutal. To download your own copy (pdf and video incuded)
click here.
Complete 20 rounds in 20 minutes. 60 seconds to complete all repetitions. This is the most advanced level. For beginners try 2 reps per exercise and for Intermediate 4 reps per exercise. The goal is to complete it as fast as possible with full range of motions maintaining good form. Rest for the remainder of the time. This is like I said a brutal workout so there is a
basic level.
6x Quad Hop to Flat Foot Squat +
6x Spinal Rock +
6x Springing Tripod (each side)+
6x Swinging Plank each side (aka. Iranian Press-up)

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