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Lower Body Strength Workout

Dynamic Lower Body Warm-up
Lower Body Warm-up
Back Bridge
Supine Leg Raise
Bent Knee Iron Cross
Rollover to V Sits
Bird dog
Quadrant Position – Out side knee raise
Quadrant Position – Straight leg outside raise
Quadrant Position Fire Hydrant Circles – Inside and Outside
Wide Mountain Climbers
Static Hip Flexors Stretch
Pogo Jumps
High Pogo Jumps
Wide Outs
Gate Swings
Tuck Jumps
Calf Stretch
3×20 Forward Walking Lunge BB OH
3×20 Backward Walking Lunges BB on back
3×5 OH Squats
3×3 OH Squats
3×2 OH Squats
Rest 60 seconds between sets or enough time to add weights
10×8 Single Leg Step-up (use the weight previously used in the last OH Squat)
Rest 60 seconds between each set
5×10 Wide Grip Pull-ups
Rest as needed
Cool down and SMR work

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