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Get Stronger Workout

“It never gets easier, you just get stronger. You’ve only got three choices in life — give up, give in, or give it all you’ve got.” Dynamic Mobility…

Valentine Rawat 01/11/2011

Kettlebell Metabolic Conditioning

Mobility Work SMR Dynamic Warm-up Then: Group METCON Left Arm Kettlebell Work 30 seconds per exercise or 10 reps:- Bent Over Rows + Cleans + Rack Squats + Bent Press…

Valentine Rawat 24/08/2011

Solo Max Effort + Bodyweight Metcon Session

Solo Max Effort Session: Mobility Warm-up + Light BB Complex Warm-up Then: Working to a Heavy Power Cleans Then: Work to a Heavy Deadlift 10×2 Deadlift Rest…

Valentine Rawat 13/06/2011

Kettlebell Tabata Mash-Up Wednesday 28th October 2010

There is not “I” in a TEAM. But there is an “I” in Intensity. Now lets work. Dynamic Warm-up Then: Team Work Kettlebell Long Cycle work mixed…

Valentine Rawat 28/10/2010

Strength Endurance Wednesday 12-5-2010

Strength Endurance Morning Session Dynamic Warm up Then: 30 steps Pinch Grip Walking Lunges (use Kettlebells or Dumbells) Then: 4 sets x 6 Straight Leg DL @ 50%…

Valentine Rawat 14/05/2010