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A few days ago the local paper ran an article titled, “What Works: Local Fitness ‘Insiders’ Reveal Brands, Products They Use.” The answers were 100% fitness oriented, and included shampoos, TWO different kinds of moisturizers, a mouth rinse and sheer support pantyhose.

Not much of interest to a serious lifter, but it got me to thinking. What really works when it comes to building strength, power and muscle?
What Really Works, Brooks Kubik, Leeds Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach Leeds
(1) Barbells

(2) Hard work

(3) Heavy weights

(4) Squats

(5) Olympic lifting

(6) 5 x 5

(7) Abbreviated training

(8) Heavy singles

(9) Multiple sets of low reps

(10) Hard work (yeah, I know it’s already on the list, but if the local paper can include two kinds of moisturizer in THEIR list, I can include “hard work” twice in MY list!)

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