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Kettlebells are excellent in developing strong hips, hamstrings, shoulders and a strong core, all muscle groups that are important in sports performance. Because of the quick and explosive movements needed to carry and swing the weight this requires the body to use its fast twitch muscles for explosiveness. The development of fast twitch muscles is important in developing lean muscle and in burning fat. Blah Blah Blah. Now we could just talk about this or find out for ourselves. Lets do this.
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Dynamic Warm-up
Group Workout:
20secs x V Sit-ups +
10secs x Rest +
20secs x Snatches +
10secs x Rest +
20secs x Press-ups +
10secs x Rest +
20secs x Swings +
10secs x Rest +
20secs x Burpees +
10secs x Rest +
20secs x Clean & Push Press +
10secs x Rest +
20secs x Sprinter Lunges +
10secs x Rest +
20secs x Rack Squats
Rest 2/4 minutes and complete further 6-8 rounds
Cool down and Recover

For those who prefer reps and are short of time – Solo workout:
25x V Sit-ups +
50x Snatches (25 each side) +
25x Press-ups +
50x Swings +
50x Burpees +
50x Clean & Push Press (25 each side) +
50x Sprinter Lunges +
50x Rack Squats
Rest as and when required
Cool down and Stretch

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