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100 Reps

100 Reps

Personal Training today: 10x Overhand grip Inverted Rows + 10x 32kg Kettlebell Push Press+ 10x Undergrip Inverted Rows + 10x Close Grip Press-ups 2 sets in total…

Valentine Rawat January 28, 2013
Simple Training at Home

Simple Training at Home

I generally train outdoors. After my morning walk with my puppy this morning and getting back home without any feeling to my finger tips and toes to add my nuts…

Valentine Rawat January 17, 2013
Strength Training Programme

Strength Training Programme

Complexity is your the enemy. Simply your life, your training and everything else that you are passionate about in life. Any fool can make something simple complicated.…

Valentine Rawat September 4, 2012
Upper Body Strength Training at Home

Upper Body Strength Training at Home

Upper Body Strength Training at Home Here is the breakdown: Dynamic Warm-up Then: 2×20 Press-ups Then: 5×6 32kg Kettlebell Floor Chest Press Then: 3×6…

Valentine Rawat August 10, 2012
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