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Circuit Training


The Ultimate Glossary of Strength and Conditioning

Like any domain, strength training has its own jargon and “secret language” that participants use. For the novice who’s just beginning his journey towards…

Valentine Rawat 18/10/2017

Wednesday Group MetCon

Kettbelell Metabolic Conditioning Total Body Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Then: Team A: 20x Single Arm Bent-Over Row (10 on each side) + 10x Upright row + 10x Goblet…

Valentine Rawat 31/08/2011

Strength Training Monday 12-7-2010

Session 1 – Strength Training Mobility Warm-up Then: 2×20 Bodyweight Squats 2×15 Barbell Jump Squats 5×5 Barbell Squats Then: Single arm Indian…

Valentine Rawat 12/07/2010

Strength Endurance Training Monday 7-6-2010

Power Bands and Bodyweight Training Dynamic Warm-up Then: 5 Rounds of Overhead Squats + Overhead Split Squats Then: 5 Rounds of Power Band Overhead Press + Power…

Valentine Rawat 08/06/2010

Strength Endurance Wednesday 12-5-2010

Strength Endurance Morning Session Dynamic Warm up Then: 30 steps Pinch Grip Walking Lunges (use Kettlebells or Dumbells) Then: 4 sets x 6 Straight Leg DL @ 50%…

Valentine Rawat 14/05/2010

Friday Circuit Training 15-1-2010

Friday 15-1-2010 Circuit Training Team Work 10 Rounds of 30 seconds per exercise Team A Team B KB Swings Abdominal Plank RB Deadlifts Thrusters KB Squats Back extensions…

Valentine Rawat 15/01/2010

Monday Circuit 4-1-2010

Monday  4-1-2010 Circuits – Interval Training 5 minutes Dynamic Warmup Then: 5 rounds of minimal rest: 3 minutes skipping + 30 seconds burpees + 30 second…

Valentine Rawat 04/01/2010

Saturday Circuit Training 19-12-09

Saturday 19-12-09 Circuit Training Warm-up and Dynamic mobility Then: Ring Pull ups + Hammer work Wood Chops + KB Swings 8 rounds of 20 seconds work and 10 seconds…

Valentine Rawat 21/12/2009

Wednesday 9-12-09

Wednesday 9-12-09 Circuit Training Dynamic Warm Then: Main Work 30 seconds per exercises Resistance Band Snap Downs + KB Renegade Rows + Jump Squats + Russian Twists…

Valentine Rawat 14/12/2009

Tuesday 10-11-09

Tuesday 10-11-09 Circuit Training Circuit training is a combination of high-intensity anaerobics and aerobics training designed to be easy to follow and target fat…

Valentine Rawat 10/11/2009