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Upper Body Strength Workout

Upper Body Strength Workout

Upper Body Dynamic Warm-up 10x Press-ups + 5x Clap Press-up + 5x Hindu Push-ups Then: 5×5 Weighted chin-ups (20kg vest) 5×5 Close-grip bench press (80%…

Valentine Rawat December 14, 2011
Outdoor Interval Weight Training

Outdoor Interval Weight Training

Dynamic Mobility Warm-up Then: 10x Double Kettlebell Rack Squat + 2mins High Knees + 2mins rest 3 rounds Then: 5 minutes total rest including last 2 minutes of the…

Valentine Rawat December 13, 2011
Power Endurance

Power Endurance

Foam Rolling + 20x Air Squats + 20x Jumping Jacks + 20x Seal Jumps + 20x Kriss Kross + 20x Alternate & Double Groiners + 20x Band Pulls + 20x Shoulder Dislocations…

Valentine Rawat December 8, 2011
Kettlebell & Bodyweight Inferno Workout

Kettlebell & Bodyweight Inferno Workout

Dynamic Warm-up Then: Double Handed Kettlebell Swings + Rest + Press-ups + Rest + Kettlebell – Left Arm Row + Rest + Kettlebell – Right Arm Row + Rest…

Valentine Rawat December 7, 2011
Barbell Complex  + Finisher

Barbell Complex + Finisher

Dynamic Warm-up Then: Barbell Complex – 5x5x5 Bent over barbell row Hang clean Front squat and push press Good morning Jump Squat (with bar on the back) Rest…

Valentine Rawat December 6, 2011
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